March is almost upon us and in my part of the world it is only 68 days from golf season. With that in mind I have increased my physical activity at gym. My focus has been on cardio, with a sprinkling of weights twice a week and daily work with strength bands. This off season I have focused also golf swing movement and attempting to blend them together. Could I become an athlete again?

Tiger Woods made the cut at the Genesis Invitational which is truly amazing considering he has not walked a 72 hole event in some time. IMO this was the first step ( no pun intended) for him not to compete at Augusta, but to contend. I also expect him to play The Players Championship in a few weeks. One thing you know about Woods, he always has a plan and a process to go along with it. Stay tuned.

The NHL trade deadline is March 3rd and teams will be looking to make that deal to become a Cup contender. The Ottawa Senators still believe they have a shot at the playoffs, but are 7 points back and have to pass four teams. A tall task. I continue to shake my head at the missed opportunities that they have failed to understand. Yesterday against Boston they played Thomas Chabot 29 minutes. Some forwards getting 9 – 11 minutes while defence man who are call ups getting 11 minutes and other developing defence men are getting 15 minutes. This failure to recognise development opportunities explains why they are constantly spinning their wheels. If they would have won yesterday many would say it was a great outcome. However, you can have a good outcome, but make a poor decision to get it. Yes, I get the NHL is about winning but this team needs to learn and develop and decisions like that stifle that process. BTW Thomas Chabot is a defensive nightmare. Over the last 37 games where he has averaged almost 26 minutes of ice time, his plus minus is -1 . Blocks 2 shots per game and gives the puck away more than he takes it away. These are not numbers that an 8 million dollar a year player should be putting up. Yet the Senators brass continue to reward him with minutes at the expense of those they are trying to develop.

As for the Calgary Flames it is a team that is in crisis. They do need someone to make a save for them. Players play better when they know the goalie is going to stop the one’s he is supposed too and make the occasional game changer. The loss of Johnny Hockey and the addition of Nazim Kadri are basically a wash. The difference I see Tkachuk out and Huberdeau in. Tkachuk just brings more grit and PITA factor to the game than Huberdeau. Huberdeau is a good player, but does not seem to have the chemistry on this team. If Calgary is looking to make a move they should look no further than last nights opponent. Philadelphia. Travis Konecny would be a great fit for the Flames. His PITA factor is high and has grit and some scoring touch. The question is what does Calgary have to give up to get him. They get him and their goalkeeper finds his confidence they make the playoffs and could do some damage.

A team has five choices they can make according to Nick Saban:

  1. They can be bad
  2. They can be average
  3. They can be good
  4. They can be excellent
  5. They can be elite.

Every organisation or athlete has a choice to what they want to do and how they want to do it. In the case of Tiger Woods it looks like he has made his choice and has his process in place. The Ottawa Senators have a missed so many opportunities .They are average now, but will not be good with this inexperienced hockey staff. As for the Calgary Flames they have too many good people in the organisation for this to go on much longer.The question with them is how to they become elite.

Until next time!

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