Lights Camera Action

Well, it is day three after the Superbowl half time show and I am still trying to figure out if I liked it or not. Rihanna showed a lot of courage being suspended hundreds of feet above the field while pregnant. No sure why the NFL allowed that to happen, but I am going to assume all sorts of liability forms were signed. I gave the show a six out of ten although my Daughter did disagree with me. The show was not as good as Snoop and his friends last year, definitely not as good as Prince, Springsteen, Tom Petty, or the Stones. Perhaps, I am just showing my age. As for the game it was was highly competitive and the athletic talent was simply marvellous.  The half time adjustments by the Chiefs Coaching staff was a thing of beauty. On the fly adjustments by coaches is often an underestimated talent and comes from preparation and experience and a certain amount chutzpah.

Speaking of preparation and experience Tiger Woods is back playing the PGA Tour this week at the Genesis Invitational or what used to be known as the LA Open. IMO Woods is using this as a barometer for his preparation for The Masters in April. Riviera Country Club is not an easy walk and has some changes in elevation like Augusta National.Woods has not walked a 72 hole PGA Tour event in some time and this will be a good test for him. Hogan’s first tournament back after his car accident was the LA Open in which he lost to Sam Snead in an 18 hole playoff. A few months later Hogan won the US Open at Merion ironically in an 18 hole playoff! The US Open this year is at the LA Country Club. maybe some karma happening here.

Changing gears I am getting really tired of watching hockey players having to fight after delivering a solid body check. Case in point Montreal’s Nick Suzuki got smoked by a Chicago defence-men last night because he has his head down skating though the middle of the ice. His teammate steps in a fights the guy and gets penalty time totally 17 minutes. Pretty dumb ass play by Suzuki who is the team captain, but he did stop by the penalty box and give him a fist bump. Anyone who played hockey in the 70’s or 80’s knows you skate with your head  at all times, in this day and age it seems to be a requirement to fight because of your teammates lack of awareness.

The first episode of Full Swing on Netflix was released today. It was pretty much as I expected. It was not a fluff piece about the PGA Tour nor was it hard hitting television either. The only thing that really caught me eye was Justin Thomas going into a CVS pharmacy to purchase allergy medicine. My first thought was ” any performance  enhancing substances in them” ? The reason for that thought was a few years ago a tour pro turned himself in because he used a banned substance contained in a weight loss product. Then again we have not heard much about that sort of thing since LIV Golf showed up.

Speaking of LIV Golf do not be surprised if Tiger Woods plays in The Players Championship if this week goes well for him . After all, it is the PGA Tours flagship event so have the man who still moves the needle play would certainly bring a brighter spotlight to the event, not to mention the winner of last years tournament now plays on the LIV Tour. Woods showing up would certainly move that out of the spotlight.

Until next time.

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