Purpose and Focus

So here we are at the start of another week. We can feel the weather changing in my part of the world and with that optimism in two days we are going to get hit with another 15cm of snow. I must keep in mind that this is not permanent Spring will be arriving shortly, and to continue on with my training. Since the end of last year when I did my year end review I realised how much my game had eroded. My internal struggle that I had was because of the direction my club was taking. I felt that the loyalty that I had shown 31 years was not being reciprocated. So,I decided to take a hiatus from the club and join other Clubs for the short term. I do not regret the decisions I made, but I did lose my purpose and my focus. I have always had a high compete level but to be honest my compete level over the last three years had taken beating.

In November I made the decision to return to my Club with the realisation that what I once knew had changed. I must accept the change even though I do not agree with it. Some call it compromise, I call it agree to disagree and move on.  Truth be told I have a chip on my shoulder, which has lead me to believe that compete level is still there. However, I must not let my ego distract me to where I want to get to.

At the present time I am continuing with my training, focusing on body movements ( technical )  of the golf swing and not being mechanical. My focus on the mental side of the game has always been strong. Reading books on decision making,attending mental skills workshops put on by Dr. Bhrett McCabe have been on my agenda this Winter. Recently,I have come across a tactic called Decade Golf. It is a golf course management strategy that is based on shot dispersion and player category statistics so that golfers can properly manage their game. What I have read so far is pretty interesting, stay tuned for further updates.


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