Back To The Future?

I recently did an exercise in which I was asked to imagine my life one year from today. I found this exercise very hard to do because I am so conditioned to live and manage the moment. Control what I can and not get ahead of myself. So getting myself into thinking about the future is very challenging. As hard as I tried I could not see myself a year from now. I see myself waking up tomorrow kissing my Wife good morning, talking with my children ,calling friends, and taking the dog for a walk. I will prepare myself for the upcoming week of work and take care of myself mentally and physically. I have certain outcomes that I want to achieve, but these can only happen if I do the disciplined work that needs to be done on a daily basis. I can tell you it is not that easy, great things never are.

A description of discipline comes from Alabama Coach Nick Saban β€œπƒπ’π¬πœπ’π©π₯𝐒𝐧𝐞 is a mindset of who you are. It’s how you live your life β€” It’s how you do everything that you do.” Saban has had a little bit of success so I guess he knows the subject matter. Some days I am good at it and others not so good. If we can work at getting better by improving 1% each day, in one year I am 365% better than I was a year ago. I guess that is as far as I go into the future , but it is not a massive time leap like Doc Brown in Back to the Future movies.

People are getting excited about 2020 ending and hope that 2021 brings with a vaccine that will take care of CV-19. It’s great that we have that excitement, but we have a long way to go. We need to stay in the moment and do the things to keep us safe until we figure this thing out. 1% each day should be our commitment. Not a lot ask!

So to close out 2020 I want to thank all my readers and leave you with a thought for 2021:

“Today a chapter closes, tomorrow a new one starts and our story will continue.” Brian Kight

Until next time.

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