And Away We Go!

The end of the year is fast approaching and everyone is looking forward to getting rid of 2020. Yes, our lives been turn upside down, our day to day habits have been interrupted. The mental and physical challenges have been huge. However, there is some good stuff that has come from this.

It has shown us that we are not prepared as we thought. Over the last few weeks I have had conversations with my children and how they need to prepare for future events which may or may not occur. If they begin now and put a small percentage of their pay cheque aside every week it can add up quite quickly. I relayed my own story while working for a major company who went through a restructure, which I successfully survived . Upon reflection it showed me how unprepared I was. Sure I was putting money aside in savings and RRSP’s, but this event exposed me. I knew that I had to take it to the next level. One that I thought never existed. I was able to do this, but I wanted to relay to kids just how important doing this is and the longer you wait, the more exposed you are.

CV-19 also exposed our mental health and how important it is. It is just as important as our physical health. Levels of stress, depression, and anxiety are at a all time high . Exercise of any kind is beneficial, we just have to make sure it is safe and meets the health protocol’s in your area. There are so many additional resources available, it would be foolish not to check them out.

In the last few years I have reading more and more about the human condition. It started out as an athletics thing and evolved into a lifestyle thing. I wanted my kids to know that is alright to feel different everyday. The challenge is how do we handle it. We just have to stay in the moment and make the right decisions and our futures we be better. If you do not think it is the right decision then really examine your decision making process. It will be an exercise that you will not regret.

As 2020 comes to an end we have to be mindful that just because the year has ended, the challenges that we faced on December 31st 2020 will be there on January 1st 2021. The upside of this is that we have a vaccine on the way, but we still have to have our guard up as this is only one step in the process to get us to the moment that we all want!

Until next time, Be well, be safe!

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