150 Days

I turned 65 a few months back and did it without much fanfare. I had a nice meal, drank some good scotch and celebrated with family. However, now that the weather has changed I have some time to think. I am contemplating retirement, trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it.

Just because you turn 65 does not mean you become irrelevant or unintelligent. However, as I found in the last year some do. Last week my grown up daughter came to me with a situation and asked for my opinion on something she was dealing with. As she was explaining the situation I was thinking even at 65 I was still parenting. It is a different type than I was 40, but it is still parenting. I was relevant and I was asked to render an opinion. It felt really good. I never thought of myself as intelligent, I just try to be smart using my life experiences and how I observe the people and the world on a daily basis.  

Autopilot crept into my golf game last year for a variety of reasons. Not being able to put in quality practice time was certainly a huge contributor. The stimulation of learning and competing which drove me in past years was lost. It takes energy to pursue excellence and excellence keeps you attentive and competitive. I am not chasing perfection, just excellence. There is a huge difference.  With 150 days to go before the start of the next golf season I am embarking on a program to get my mind (that is where it all starts) and my body in condition to play. I have something to prove this year to myself and to a group of people who fail to understand that the golf world has changed. They seem to think they are the smartest people in the room, and as the saying goes “if you think that you are, you’re probably not”. I do not have all the answers, no one does. What I do have is access to a network of people whose opinions I value, but do not always agree with. They are important because they make me better either directly or indirectly. My biggest challenge is opening my mind and really listens to what is being said. I want to gain an advantage so that I can perform to my abilities and not be a spectator. That is why it is important to have different people in your life even though to an outsider it is not the correct fit.

I do not believe in goal setting because a goal is an outcome, and outcomes cannot be controlled. What I have learned from reading and educating myself is preparation is crucial. Winning the moments no matter how big or small is vital and that is done by being better prepared than your competitors.

So, what I am preparing for you ask? Let’s just say for now it involves the number 65.

Updates to follow!

Until next time.

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