Canada Loses to Finland

Well it has been 24 hours since Team Canada lost in overtime to Finland. The teams were evenly matched,both Goaltenders were outstanding and if it would have gone to a shootout, who knows. What we saw last night is how random sports can be. Once the puck leaves the stick it out of everyone’s control.What I liked about last nights game was how hard these kids played. They left it all out on the ice.

The tying goal in the Finland game had similar characteristics to the goal that Russia scored to win. The defender let his man get between him and the boards. Both players continued along the wall and took the puck to the net. When that happens only good things occur. It was a confrontation of will on two plays and Canada came out on the losing end. That is the nature of sport.Teams win. Teams lose.

There are a couple of things that I question. It appears Coach Hunter was confused on the process on the penalty shot. I think this confusion may have clouded his judgement and he made a quick decision. Going into a big game like this you would think the Coaching staff would have taken care of this detail and known the process. Secondly, on the exploding stick that lead to the winning goal. You think that everyone would switched to new sticks to prevent that from happening, I think Hockey Canada has a good stick budget! Finally, the selection of Comtois for the penalty shot. I get all Coach Hunters reason,but what he missed was Comtois plays in the Quebec league and he has nine OHL players on his roster that has seen the the Finish keeper on multiple occasions. I am thinking Glass, Frost, or Tippet may have been a better choice.

Finally, remember these are just kids who played there hearts out. In a few years the sting of the lost will subside and they remember the greatest 30 days of there life as a Junior hockey player.

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