Off To The Quarterfinals

Last night our World Junior Team lost 2-1 to Russia in an entertaining  hockey game. Both teams had there share of chances to win, but as it usually does it comes down to one shot. The play made by Shen was highly skilled, but a basic error by the Canadian defender allowed him to score. Let’s keep in mind these are kids playing on a big stage and they are bound to make mistakes.

Canada now has the challenge of facing a Finish squad who got beat 4-1 by Team USA. They should be a little cranky as well. Coach Hunter and staff will have to get the team to refocus and play a solid team game to move onto the next round. The challenge they have is to find a way to get their power play going. They lacked speed through the neutral  zone because of  poor zone breakout . On many occasions two or three Team Canada players were standing at the blueline while the puck was being brought up the ice. Passing the puck to a player standing still is never a good option. Russia took advantage of this and shut down the neutral zone. Good on them. Have to wonder why the Team Canada staff did not make an adjustment to rectify this. Once they did get in the offensive zone they had their share of opportunities to score.

What awaits Team Canada is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow as a team and to regain momentum in their quest for Gold.

To-morrow night should be fun.

Until next time.

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