Pull The Pin or Not?

With the calendar change over, golf now has less rules in an attempt to make the game user friendly. One rule that will be very interesting and fun to watch will be option to putt with the pin in or out. This week is the first week on the PGA Tour that the world’s best players will have that option. Bryson DeChambeau, who is a breath of fresh air on tour has started the week putting with pin in and currently sits in a three way tie for second place at the Tournament of Champions. He is putting with the pin in. According to Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee if you are not putting with the pin in you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Brandel has done the math in regards to the size of the ball and the hole. According to him players will make more putts with the pin in. You can not dispute the mathematics , but golf and and putting is a visual and a feel thing. The sample size on the tour is small and I would prefer to compare putting statistics after three and six months sample sizes. Me, well I live in a climate right now that is snow covered and frozen. I will get my chance to make my own decision in about four months.

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