The Real 2019 Season Begins

Since the PGA Tour has gone to the wrap around schedule I have had a difficult time focusing on the early events. I guess that probably shows my age. To me the season starts in Hawaii with the Tournament of Champions and then the Sony Open. After that it moves to the desert.

What will be interesting to watch is the performance of the Web Tour Pro’s who got their Tour cards. These players are under pressure to have successful performances before the ” Big Boys” come out on tour and gobble up starts. The Tour makes very challenging for these talented players to achieve a level of success.Stay tuned as I follow these players.

My pick of the year is Billy Horschel. This guy is going to have a break out year. He is 32 years old, has five tour wins, and is working with a great Sports Physiologist, Bhrett McCabe.

Happy 43rd Birthday TDub.

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