Been an Interesting Week

This week has been my first real week of retirement and I have had a couple of revelations. I can no longer get into my work computer to check emails on how to return it and I have between deleted from our group chat for work. It actually felt strange not being part of a work group. However, I do not miss the self imposed stress that work creates. The good news is I still keep in touch with former team members so technically I guess I do belong to a work group.

I guess the most pressing question you have is what is my day like now ? Since my last day of employment December 19th, I have become a gym rat. Have not missed a day! Even went Christmas Day, but that was because I just wanted to pig out and have minimal guilt. Mission accomplished on that one. I have taken the mindset that every gym visit would be like a training session for golf. I have become one of those golfers that actually that actually writes out a practice plan for golf. I taught hockey for over 25 years and never once did the Head Coach not show up without a written practice plan. It was a plan that had purpose and was loaded with opportunities for players and Coaches to learn. That is why our teams were always better in March than they were in September. Was proud to be part of that process.

So why do golfers show up not show up without a written practice plan. I can state in all honesty I was one those until I clued into to Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s training system two years ago. It has made a difference. I must warn you that when you show up to the training ground with your notebook and backpack of training aids you should be prepared for some ribbing. Especially when you pull out the notebook and start writing. I guess the idea of writing on the training ground is a little foreign to some people. My mindset is that you always want improvement in your game no matter your age and as I get older I forget stuff.

At this point I am in the gym for at least two hours, which about the same time I would spend on the training ground. The bulk of the time is spent on developing motor skills movement that are needed for the golf swing. I have been researching movement and have come to the realisation that many of the flaws I have in my swing is due to fact that I can not move correctly. So, I do other weird and wonderful movements to get the club on the ball, which allowed me to have some success when I was younger, but in recent years has definitely caused me some anguish. The point of all this is hit the ground running on May 1st ( 107 days away as we write this) and not mess around trying find a golf swing for a couple of weeks. I have a plan, written it down and we will see where it takes us.

Final thoughts. Yes, I have my notebook , yes I have my training aids, which are good conversation starters and no I do not wear Lulu Lemon workout stuff.

Until next time.

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