Turn The Page

Turn The Page by Bob Seger is one of my favourite songs of all time. It talks about life on the road . He loves being on the stage, but it is the hours in between shows and life on road that really wears him down.

Well on Monday I will be turning the page. After working for 52 years it is time for me to retire. The work environment has changed so much in the last three years, like life on the road it has worn me down.

My parents were Depression kids. They knew what it was like to go hungry, wear hand me downs, and watched how their parents worked so hard just to survive. My Parents passed that work ethic down to my Brother, Sister, and myself. My Wife and I have now passed that on to our children. I am proud of what I am seeing from them. However, what I am seeing in the retail industry is beyond comprehension. The workforce for the most part really doesn’t give a crap. The energy level and the pride of doing a job has deteriorated to a new low . The entitlement factor with today’s generation is so evident. In life we should be grateful for what we have, but are entitled to nothing, but never settle for the status quo. I decided it was time to turn the page. To be honest I was thinking about it for a year, but I just needed a nudge which I got in August.

I get asked if I have a plan and I do. It is pretty simple for the first couple of months. I want to get my mind right and search out some new possibilities. Secondly, get my body right for the upcoming golf season. It has always been my passion, but understanding the mind of the athlete is now a close second. To be honest the last couple golf seasons have not been stellar for a number reasons. Some seemed important at the time, but now are inconsequential. I want to compete again and test out my formula for success and if in the process I happen to get an outcome that is favourable even better.

On Monday my alarm will go off at 430 am for one last time and I will be prepared to compete just like I always do. No mailing it in, because character is what you do when no one is watching. At the end of the day and all is done I will Turn the Page!

Until next time!

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On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin’ the star again
There I go
Turn the page

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