99 Days

We are nearing the end of January and in my part of the world it is a balmy-33 C today. Golf season seems so far away, but it is only 99 days before we tip it up again and the days are getting longer!

Right now I can not go to the gym because of CV-19 Omicron. I am working from home and doing the best that I can to keep my mind right. So far, so good thanks to a number of books, honey do projects, and just going for walks. I am a few weeks behind in my conditioning program for golf, but with gym’s due to open January 31 the push will start again.

I do not believe in goals, as they are outcomes, and outcomes can not be controlled. What I believe in is process. Ya, I know process is the new buzz word. You have to stick to process or we are process oriented. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

A process is a method of doing something, it is the vehicle you use for continual improvement. Everyday the process  changes. It has to be tweaked and refined, but it must never be abandoned. It is this awareness and commitment to excellence not perfection that gets us to where we want to go.

When I was playing competitive golf, I used to hang out on the range and listen to the players talk about their rounds and the current state of their game. I didn’t talk much, I just listened I watched how they prepared for a round or how they evaluated the round already played. I figured out who had a plan and who is just beating balls. At the time I did not realize it but I was learning their fears and evaluating their process. When you play competitive golf you are by yourself. Sorry, no subs allowed. We have to push through the variability of the game and trust your process. That is what makes the game unique and life unique and so challenging mentally. It is from these opportunities that we refine and master our process. Never quit, just get better at managing the unknown. When I was managing a competitive golf team at my golf club many people just did not understand the program I had set up. It had the traditional KPI’s of player selection, but I was able to watch the players as they finished and listened to them converse and what actions they took when things became hard. The reason was we had five players we could potentially select. It was amazing how many players talked themselves off the team without realizing it. What I was hearing was the inner talk that was bottled up for four hours and they were venting to their peers. Is this the type of player I can trust in the heat of the moment? In my world they had no process and what I saw post round was a result of that.

So it is time to wrap things up but I will leave you with this quote:

When you can adapt and adjust to what you’re going through – the difficult times – that’s when the success that lies within you will be shown to the world.

Until next time.

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