Buyer Beware

Well the big news out of the NHL aside from CV-19 is Evander Kane and his possible return to play. He is immensely talented no doubt about that. However, that is where it ends.

We all know the time line. His recent alleged trip to the province of British Columbia. Then sprinkle in a fake vaccination card. After that his relationship issues with his former wife and now the NHL is now looking into some other issues, which they have not made public. He came out in an ESPN interview earlier this year about his gambling addiction and declaring bankruptcy.  He brings with him the baggage of being a bad teammate as indicated in Buffalo, Winnipeg, and San Jose. Some pretty strong stuff.

What is most important is the non hockey stuff. He needs to clear that up ASAP and get his life back on track. That is for him and his agent to sort out. The reality of it is, Kane who is 30 years old may only have three years left in the NHL. Three years of making NHL money. Kane who according to Cap  has earned 59 million in his career. He is now broke. That has to be scary and filled with regret. A huge burden to carry no doubt.

Earlier this week Edmonton GM Ken Holland has come out and said that he has had discussions with Kane’s agent Dan Milstein. The Oiler’s who are struggling at the present time are looking for someone who they can add to the Connor and Leon Show. I am not sure that bringing in Kane and his history into the dressing room and an already struggling situation is the right move. Teams and players struggle. It is how they handle the struggle that matters. Right now they are stuck in the middle of a team that has potential and how that team should perform. Potential is mythical. I have never come across a tool that measures it. It is subjective. From the outside looking in, Ken Holland is grasping at straws. Perhaps he is getting pressure from the owner.

Sports is where second chances happen and in the case of Evander Kane it would be a fourth chance. This group of players needs to figure it out. that requires patience. It is Holland’s job to give them the tools whatever they maybe. I believe Kane is not the answer. He has to show that he has improved his character and is prepared to be a good teammate, which means doing everything for the team. That does not happen overnight. Offering a quick fix, at a cheap price is tempting, but if your really committed to building a strong long lasting culture it is not the answer.

I understand the NHL is a win now league, and owners live in a world of “Should” , but that is not reality. The reality is, a team is about people and making them better each and everyday. That is what you put the work into. It is hard work, and it is not easy. Looking for a quick fix is easy, but not the answer.

So as they say in Real Estate Buyer beware.

Until next time.

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