What is The Masters Alex

So, the Masters in November is over, and Dustin Johnson proved that last week why he is the number one player in the world. To see Augusta in November and without fans was different, It was interesting to see how close the holes are to one another. The year 2020 has thrown us so many curve balls at us in the world of sport, our workplace and more importantly our lives.

For me personally, I encountered things that I never thought possible. I was fortunate enough to have an employer who paid me for almost three months while I worked from home on other company projects. I am thankful for people like Dr. Brett McCabe who gave me and many others free access to webinars on how to cope with the crap that CV-19 threw at us and he continues to do so. It made me stronger, gave me compassion and empathy when some did not. I guess that was a subtle shot at my golf club that I sort of belong too. In relationship terms, we are taking a break in the hope that they get their shit together.

On Sunday, the world watched Tiger Woods who is arguably the greatest player ever, make a 10 on number 12 at Augusta National. I guess you could say I was mildly shocked because this hole has been the architect of so many great players demise over the years. Most recently last year when five players who were all in contention made donations to Rae’s Creek. What Woods did afterwards is a testament to the greatness of the player. He finishes birdie, par, birdie, birdie, birdie and birdie. Five birdies in the last six holes. To me that is the most impressive thing he has done in his career. Most players would have mailed in. That was an example to every athlete, not just the golf world of playing it out to the end and maintaining your focus.

I have always respected the talent, but not so much the person. What I saw on that November day at Augusta certainly impressed the hell out me. It is not often that you see someone mature before your eyes. Woods is aging, his body is breaking down and time is running out on him to compete. It happened to Jack, Arnie, Wayne, and Michael. It was announced today that he will compete with his 11-year-old son Charlie in The PNC Challenge. The world is beginning to see another side of him which should be fun to watch.

The 2021 Masters is only four and a half months away and I cannot wait. If all goes well in the world maybe will see patrons and grandstands at Augusta. If not Augusta National will certainly entertain us and amaze us with the magic that is the Masters.

By the way if you add up Woods total score on the last six holes it equals 20! Coincidence? Maybe, but just another weird event of the year 2020.

Until next time.

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