Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day South of the border. Whether you are a Trump or Biden supporter I cannot in my lifetime remember an election that could polarize a country. America dropped the ball in the last election by not taking Trump seriously. Make no mistake about it Trump is not the village idiot like some people think. Every move he makes has a purpose, it just gives the illusion that he is impulsive and reckless.

 Trump’s timely use of Jack Nicklaus is an example of this. Never before has Jack ever said anything with political implications. Yet last week he comes out and fully supports Trump. The Donald uses an American sports icon to give him a push in a State that is so important to the election process. Now, Jack has taken a little heat for this, and many are saying he is doing this to get work from Trump. Well, that is called lobbying and is done in business all the time. Jack’s reputation will not be tarnished by it. In fact, in six months no one remember.   So in the words of Donnie Brasco “ Fudda Getta About It”.

Now on the other side I have never seen a former President work as hard as Barack Obama. He has been on the campaign trail and been working social media hard the last few weeks rallying support for Joe Biden. Never has a former President said so much about a current President in so few words. You are not seeing that on the Republican side. GW43 has been very quiet which is not a ringing endorsement for The Donald, frankly The Donald does not really care. In the words of JFK “let them have the job, it doesn’t pay enough”. In the Trump’s case it probably true.

The ball is now in the hands of the voters. If you do not get out and vote, you do not have the right to complain. If you want four more years of The Donald, then vote. If you want a change then get out and vote for Joe.

Either way America now is the time!

Until next time!

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