Private Clubs Part Deux

“Culture is not built on what you proclaim, is what you practice, promote, and permit. “ It is going to be very interesting how the private club culture, especially mine will act over the coming months. Will we rise to the opportunities we have or will we fall to the level we tolerate.

If you read my last post this was the final paragraph. After the events of the last few days I can say they were prophetic.

At my club, starting times are at a premium due to CV-19, which I fully understand. Our Executive has implemented an algorithm into the tee time software that gives preference to members who have paid more money in membership fees and therefore have a better chance the lottery for times. I understand. I fall into a category that due to a change in lifestyle now play less golf and pay less fees accordingly. However,the points we receive in the in algorithm is very punitive. The decision did have a good intent, has an absolutely crappy outcome for a members who has 30 years of support for the club. Over the last two weeks I have had a time differential in excess of six hours. We are being passed over by younger members who pay the same money or in some instants less, whose support of the club is significantly less. All I am looking for is a level playing field, nothing more, nothing less. I spoke with our GM and asked if this would change? His response not likely! Do appreciate the honesty.

Looking ahead to next year when I can fully retire and play a little more golf the future is not much brighter. At present I am a 30 year member, who would like switch categories to play more golf. The category until last year had a lower factor, which is age plus years of membership. The Executive has recently raised the factor and lowered the cap number on this category. Now for every three that leave only one can come in which frees up two spaces for other categories. I can now enter this category in 4 years! Once again thanks for 30 years of support.

I have found a membership category that positions me to move into that ever elusive spot in four years. In the mean time I am searching out other alternatives. I can blame, complain, and defend my case or I can do the work in finding a place to play, invest my time and cash in other possibilities, and along the way solve the problem.

What the Executive did is they got distracted by what they thought was the problem (tee times) instead of focusing on what really deserved their attention, which was building a strong culture during a challenging time so they can move into the next phase.I guess they feel that toleration is something they can live with. Good luck with that!

Until next time!

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