I was in the gym today working on my golf swing as I have been for the last 121 days! The body movement that I am in the process of improving is one of transition. It involves transferring pressure to my back leg and then transitioning the pressure to the forward leg. Sounds simple enough, but as we know simple is not easy. The purpose in learning this is to create forward shaft lean and increase speed so I strike the golf ball solidly and gain distance. See, I told it was simple!

I then began think about the game of hockey and how important transition is to the team game. Going from defence to offence and offence to defence. Hockey broadcasts speak of it at will but never give it the importance that it deserves. Much like the golf swing it must be done efficiently because there is so much power in it. The ability to properly defend against a team and take the puck away and transition into the offensive mode is priceless. The same applies to the golf swing. Moving from the back swing and transitioning to the forward swing is also priceless as it creates speed and speed equates to distance in the golf world.

I then began to think about my own life. I am in the process of transitioning from a working life to one of retirement. You see that explains the 121 consecutive days in gym. It has given me a place to go in mornings. Met some new people where I learned about soccer and how to train for marathons. Learned some new movements, discovered the importance of the massage chair, and dropped my blood pressure by 5 points. I have friends away the gym who I value. We meet for coffee, discuss life, hockey, and our future plans. They are important to me and I am fortunate to have them.  I am getting ready to transition to the role of Father in Law in a couple of months. As happy a day that will be , it will be very emotional for me on so many levels.

So, as I watch the playoffs, put in practice for golf, and make life decisions, I will view transition with an insightful and and analytical mind. Not sure what that will bring, but it will be interesting to find out.

Will keep you updated.

Until next time!

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