LIV and Let LIV

Well ,I have been holding off on commenting about the LIV Golf Tour, but now the time has come. Recently, players who have moved to LIV have been asking to get World Golf Ranking Points. These points are based on four rounds of tournament golf and the quality of the field. LIV plays three rounds and the fields are definitely not as strong. So to that, I say too bad. The money that LIV paid you should make you feel a little bit better.

LIV has been a pain in ass for the PGA Tour, but it has done some really good things. The prize money on the Tour has increased , which makes you wonder if the Tour has been holding out on its players. More money has been filtered down to The Korn Ferry Tour so they can develop players and players on that tour can make a living. IMO most of the players who have left the Tour were marginal at best, the outliers being Cam Smith, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka. I do not blame these guys for moving over as a friend mentioned to me “if someone offered me five time my salary in my profession to move to another company, I would have been gone”.

LIV has brought forward some things that the PGA has missed. I like the team competition, it opens up a lot of possibilities, especially on the wagering side. LIV has loosened up the golf culture (maybe a little too much) which it needed. The idea of the players wearing shorts is great! The PGA should consider tournaments with different formats. Scrambles, alternate shot, or a Ringer Score based on four days of play. Now that would be fun. The biggest and most impactful idea that they are missing is with the LPGA Tour. The DP tour ran a tournament with a mixed field and it was met with great reviews, without a doubt bring it to North America.

Finally, the coverage I have watched on Youtube has been great. Love the idea of the NASCAR leader board on the side. Network TV has too many freaking commercials. They mix in a little golf now and then and Playing Through option while commercials are being played is just annoying. Do not insult the viewer with this. Another option could be what the Manning Brothers do on MNF. Pick a couple of tournaments and run this format. See what happens. Golf is in a boom market, take advantage of it.

Eventually, IMO I believe the PGATOUR and LIV will merge. They will do so for the betterment of the game. It happened when the ABA merged with the NBA, the AFL and NFL, and the WHA merged with the NHL. This seems logical, but it may take a couple of years. These are now very strong leagues because of the merger. All the best talent competing.

For this to happen Jay Monahan and Greg Norman may have to check there ego’s (Greg Norman) and sallow pride(Jay Monahan) . See that happen maybe the best part of all!

Until next time.

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