Holy Ground

Today, the Masters golf tournament began. As it does every year, it starts with the ceremonial drives by Masters Legends. At present they are Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson. Watson, is replacing Lee Elder who passed earlier this year, and Elder replaced Masters icon Arnold Palmer who passed a few years earlier. It seems that as I get older ,my sports hero’s growing up are becoming fewer and fewer. We can not stop Father Time so I decided to enjoy him.

There is a wonderful short story by Wright Thompson in his book called the Cost of These Dreams entitled Holy Ground. It tells how he and his Father used to watch the Masters on television and how they were supposed to visit Augusta National one day. Unfortunately his Father, Walter Wright Thompson Sr. passed away before they could get there. The story is how he took the walk for him. I read this story every year during Masters week, and every year it brings me to the brink of tears because I think of my Dad. The man who introduced me to the game of golf.

Wright Thompson has this wonderful voice and you will hear it on the Masters broadcasts as he narrates the vignettes about the Masters. As you read his stories you hear that voice and it brings you to Augusta National. I have never been to the Masters and have entered the ticket lottery for the past 20 years and will do again this year to make it 21.

Wright Thompson wore his Fathers shoes as he walked around Augusta National his way of honoring his promise to him. If I am ever fortunate to win tickets I will bring something of my Fathers with me so he finally gets to go to the Masters. What I bring is yet to be determined may take a little bit of thought on my part.

Enjoy the Masters, it always creates memories of a lifetime.

Until next time.

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