Mad Mad Mad World

I try to stay away from politics in my writings, but for the past month there is just too much going on to ignore. Buckle up because here we go.

So, in my part of the world we just got rid of those so called protestors who are fighting for their rights and freedoms, who do not want to get vaccinated, or wear a mask. They were like the relative who said they were only going to stay the weekend, but stayed a month. They were offended when you asked them to leave because you wanted your house back. They do not want to get the vaccine because of the side effects it could have. These are the same people that probably have a tattoo, eat hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and smoke These people broke the law, disrupted lives mentally and physically for over three weeks. They had the nerve to get upset when they were arrested and put in the pokey. They cost my city over 20 million dollars to police and clean up their mess. However, I must thank them for exposing the weakness in our political processes and politicians who showed their true colors in trying to make political hay instead of asking how I/we can help. I will not forget this the next time they come knocking on my door looking for my vote.

Now, these freedoms that these protestors were fighting for seem trivial as compared to what is going on in the Ukraine. Putin has invaded a country that was minding their own business. He did not like the fact they wanted to join NATO and the European Union. He is destroying lives, forcing people to flee for safety, leaving behind family members to fight for their country. The world has embarked on a program of political, economic, and athletic sanctions against Russia. Hell, even FIFA and the IIHF have banned Russia, even though both organizations needed a do over on their original decision. In my world these sanctions should be indefinite until Putin leaves, replaces what he has destroyed and makes restitution to the Ukraine people. Then and only then should they be considered for membership for any major sports organization. The OAR was put together because of the massive doping scandal in Sochi Russia in 2014. What do they do in 2022 they dope a 15 year old Russian figure skater. They are not to be trusted. It is that simple.

The National Hockey League condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and urges a peaceful resolution as quickly as possible. They have suspended relationships with business partners in Russia. In addition, they are discontinuing any consideration of Russia as a location for any future competitions involving the NHL. This is an ok first step, but frankly it is not enough. They should be banning any Russian players from this year draft and future drafts until this gets resolved. Tough stance I know, and many are saying you are crushing the dreams of young players. However, what Putin has done is crushed people’s lives, and in some cases taken lives. How can the NHL move forward knowing this in all good conscience is beyond me?

Putin is daring the West to challenge him and his military’s power. It is a very dangerous game of chicken that is being played in the world today. The best thing the West can do is to choke off every means of supply for the Russians. Starve them economically, financially, and most importantly strip them of their pride. Make them look so bad in the eyes of the world, that they back off. The Ukraine needs to fight a war and the West should be giving them the means to do it. The People of Ukraine have shown tremendous resilience and are standing up to Putin and his troops. They are showing the world that they do not want to be part of Russia and are willing to risk their life to do it. Simply put, they love their country. A lesson we can all learn from.   

So there it is. My first toe in the water of political commentary and I want it to be my last.

One last thought, does Phil Mickelson remind you of the David Sims character in the movie Tin Cup or is it just me.

Until next time!

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