Out of the Woods

We have a big weekend coming up in golf and it involves Tiger Woods. Tens months after an horrific auto accident Woods is teeing it up with his 12 year old Son in a made for TV golf tournament.

His rehab has been long, painful, and I am sure humbling. According to Woods he was confined to a hospital bed and a wheel chair for almost three months while his leg healed. Sounds like he needed help in every part of his life. Eating, bathing, dressing, and toilet assistance. Pretty humbling for anyone let alone a 15 time major champion. Also the fact that he he came dangerously close to losing a leg was a huge jolt of reality . Scary stuff to deal with.

An athlete does not get to the level of success that Woods got without being selfish. It cost him a marriage due to extra marital affairs , embarrassed his family along the way, and the sport that gave him so much. He was not the most liked guy on tour at times, but they all put up with him because he lined their jeans with cash. Cash is King, and Woods was  supreme ruler of the PGA Tour even though Tim Finchem thought he was! 

I have never been the biggest Tiger Woods fan, he was just a little too arrogant and self confident for my liking. However, I did respect the talent and work ethic that he brought. He definitely put in the work, and got tremendous results. He is a genius on the golf course. His golf IQ is off the charts. He is the single biggest reason why the players of today are so good.  He found new and different ways to play the game and get the ball into the hole.

Woods referred to playing the forward tees and playing the game for hits and giggles. I may buy that in the short term , but long term that is a hard no. Woods does not do anything on the golf course without having a reason behind it. This weekend he is having the privilege of playing with his Son, but he is IMO measuring himself and his game. I believe that he will play Augusta in April and St. Andrews in July. These are courses that are not extremely long by tour standards, but require knowledge and Emotional Intelligence to play along with a world class short game as well, which he has. 

I will definitely tune in this weekend and watch the Charlie and Tiger show for a number of reasons. The first to see a Father play with Son, something Woods never had the chance to do with Earl. Secondly, to watch Woods swing a club , keeping in mind he is now 45 years old and has had multiple back surgeries  and multiple procedures on his right leg as well. Tiger Woods will once again change his swing like he did with Butch Harmon, Sean Foley, Hank Haney and Chris Como. Each change produced great play. I expect nothing different this time.

For all that has gone wrong in his life Woods has shown that he is resilient and mentally focused for any challenge that he decides to take on. 

Let’s see what this weekend brings us.

Until next time.

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