Teaching vs Coaching

At first glance this statement means the same thing. For years I thought that way. I can not tell you when the light went on, but I can tell you the statement that flipped the switch. It was legendary football coach Vince Lombardi’s statement: players can not be coached until they are taught. Think about it. We think Coaching is teaching , but they are totally different. When athletes are being taught they are learning the proper techniques and fundamentals of a specific action or tactic. Coaching is applying the knowledge attained an making it work in cadence with the tactic to get a desired outcome.

It makes me shake my head when I hear statements like this team needs to be Coached. No they do not! They need to be taught. They need to be taught on the how and why to take away passing lanes on the PK, or the positioning of feet and shoulders, knowing when to attack or when to hold your position. The Coaching comes into play when players apply the teachings. It is like a Math problem. To solve it you need need to know the four basic Math functions. Addition, Subtraction. Division and Multiplication. You follow the tactics in solving the problem. If you get the answer you have been taught well, if you do not here is where the Coaching comes in. You review the teachings, reapply the tactics and try to solve the problem again.

Lombardi ran only 12 plays, but they ran them with excellence. Everyone was taught on what they needed to do. HOF football coach John Madden said that Lombardi spoke for eight hours on the Packers legendary Power Sweep at a coaching seminar. Apparently he explained everyone’s role on the field. Belichek in New England teaches and coaches the same way and he has had a little bit of success.

So with all the crap that is happening with the Ottawa Senators, time to do some teaching (which is what they should have done last year) because statistically they will not make the playoffs this year. Take advantage of opportunity that is staring at you, PD, DJ, and PMcG.

It is Wright in front of you!

Until next time.

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