Upside-down Turtle

I recently read a quote that said an expert is the one who asks questions, the idiot is the one who thinks people should be asking them. True statement.

For me asking questions is a way for me to learn. When you see something that you do not like or understand, you need to ask. When you see something you like you need to ask yourself why do I like it. Pretty simple actually. You see the opportunities to learn are all around us. Unfortunately, when you ask questions, people for the most part go on the defensive as if you are attacking them and their decision. They become like a turtle turned upside down. Arms and legs moving in all directions and not going anywhere.

I recently learned of a decision and my first response was what the hell were they thinking. This decision was so contrary to their organization’s core beliefs that it is embarrassing. I would have liked to asked the committee in charge of the decision how they got there, but it would be all for not. They have little interest in learning. The turtle is upside down. If you ask them what they have learned, they probably would not understand why someone would ask them such a question. They think they are the smartest people in the room. I know I am not the smartest in the room, that why I ask questions.

In my life I have spent time with a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, former Chief of Staff of the military, hockey scouts and General Managers , and some very good sales people. When the opportunity presented itself I always had a question or two ready. It was never really about their business per say it was how they made a decision. Always trying to move forward.

I may move like a turtle some days, but my shell is always right side up.

Until next time!

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