The New Season

It has been awhile since I have written an article. There are a lot of reasons for it, many of them are personal. No need to go into them.

Hockey season is a few days away and all 32 teams as of today have a chance to win The Cup……….. on paper. Unfortunately, hockey is not played on paper, but it is how you spent your paper in the off season that will determine how far you go.

In Ottawa, hopefully, PD, PMcG, get their act together and sign Brady. It is great to have all this young talent, but Brady is the guy that makes them all go. Rule out the eight year deal, sign him for five. If you can’t win with group in five years, time to retool and build again. NHL teams need to look at the Junior hockey model and build toward years three, four, and five. It has worked for the Hunter brothers in London!

On another note!

Looking for a good read? Purchase Break Free From Suckville by Dr. Bhrett McCabe. Doc McCabe is a Clinical Psychologist who works with high performance athletes and sports programs. You can take his principles and apply them to your professional life and to your athletic endeavors. Let’s face it we all get stuck in Suckville, but how many know how to get out? I wish I had this 40 years ago when I started out in the work force. It would have saved me many sleepless nights and countless hours on the practice tee. I needed to understand that test comes before triumph and struggle comes ahead of success. For the longest time I always thought it was physical or mechanical. My performance mindset was good, and I guess that enabled me to have some success, but if I knew now when I was competing my success level in business, athletics and my personal life would have been so much better. Pick it up, you will not be disappointed !

In my part of the world golf season is coming to an end. Overall, the season was successful. Joined a new Club this year, because my old Club is trying to Break Free From Suckville. The only problem is they do not realize that they are in Suckville. Sorry BC, had to get one final barb in. I met some new people, renewed some old friendships, and along the way played some decent golf.

Really like where I am.

Until next time!

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