Well here we are 100 posts since December of 2019. As my handle indicates I have had a lot of stuff trapped between my ears for years. Some may agree, some may disagree, with my thoughts but my goal was to make you think. To open up your mind.

I reside North of the 49th and we are in Covid -19 lockdown. Life was been turned upside down. Stay at home orders, essential business only, and curbside pick up for other items.

I got off Zoom call with my 97 year old Mother and thought what her life has been. She lived through the Great Depression watching her Father be unemployed for eight years. The man fought for a day to day existence just to put food on the table for his Wife and five kids. When he did get called back to work in 1937 he had to borrow five dollars from his Mother( according to my Mother was a real Bitch) who was well off and had him sign a promissory note to pay her back with interest! Then in 1941she watched as my Father went off to War not knowing if he would ever return. Pretty scary when you think about. She had to quit school in 1940 at age 16 so the family could survive. She was smart enough to go to University, but never got the chance. The family worked so the youngest could graduate high school. They all did quite well, but not as well as the youngest. Now young people talk about University as if it is right rather than a privilege. I know I thought that way. Now I understand why it was such a big deal when my older Brother graduated from University. He was the first and it was something special about being the first.

CV-19 has not been easy. Families have been hit hard physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The government has made programs available to make life bearable, but for some it is not enough. Our coping skills, are being maxed out. I think one of the things it has taught us is just how fragile things are. Our decisions need to be looked at much more carefully and not to underestimate the what if factor. Just because you get your outcome, it may not be right decision. Thinking outside of the box needs to be more common place because if you have not noticed the world has changed. We may see some of our long standing traditions altered. Zoom meetings will not go away, they will only improve. Annual sales meetings will now be virtual. Smaller office space, as employees will be working from home. Golf could be played in fivesomes instead of foursomes. NHL hockey will take on a much different look with more mini competitions within divisions. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Today is a good day to thank everyone that has helped you accomplish something special in your life. If you haven’t had that person in your life, you need to find the person that can help. I was once told that people come into to your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. While they are present in your life pay attention because at some point you maybe them.

Thanks again for reading and here’s to the next 100!

Until next time.

Be well stay safe.

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