Groundhog Day

Well TDub made the news again this this week. I was following the Sports Centre ticker and Tiger Woods had his own tab. Talk about moving the needle of media involvement. CNN, Fox News, Golf Channel all had extensive coverage of the accident.

Tiger Woods had a car accident . Sounds like he was going a little too fast on a stretch of road that was meant for a much lower speed. He hit the curb, bounced around, and rolled the car. He was fortunate to come away alive. From all the news reports his right leg suffered significant trauma and is in pretty bad shape. There has been much speculation about his golfing future. Many have drawn comparison to the Ben Hogan bus accident of February 2nd 1949, which just happened to be Groundhog Day. Just like the groundhog, Hogan showed up year after year and when he did he usually won. To be more precise Hogan won 13 times after after his car accident.

I believe that Tiger Woods will play again on the PGA Tour. His recovery from the accident will take a considerable amount of time to recover from. Woods will have to learn to walk again with his surgically repaired right leg and ankle. Once that is accomplished he will have to learn to swing the golf club club again. Which probably means he will have to tweak or rebuild his golf swing again. The golfing public will have to let go of the old Tiger Woods and embrace a yet another Tiger Woods. Will he be able to keep up with the kids who bomb it 300 yards plus, probably not . I believe what we will see is a player who will still be competitive long , with one of the greatest minds and best irons games much like Hogan and Nicklaus. As Hogan once said “a golf course has a soft under belly and it is up to golfer to find it”. Hogan found it 13 times after his accident and I am sure Woods will too. I can not say for certain if he will win a PGA tour event again, but I still think he can compete one at least more time and complete a comeback story much like Hogan.

Mark the date April 7th 2022 on the calendar.

Why that date? It’s the Masters and who has owned that tournament other that Jack.

Tiger Woods!

Until next time!

Be well stay safe.

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