He Bent It Didn’t Break it.

Patrick Reed is at it again. He is once again in the spotlight for his actions on the golf course and not his game.

On Saturday he claimed his ball was embedded and proceeded to pick it up. He announced to his partners that he had a situation and picked the ball up before they could get there to observe. He then called in a rules official to explain the situation who’s first comment is what do we have here. Talk about putting the guy on the spot. Given his reputation of outright denying his actions on a golf course , he had a golden opportunity to repair his reputation. All he had to do was wait for a rules official to show up and make the decision for him. For goodness sake he didn’t even mark the spot where the ball came to rest. What was his hurry?

The rules official on the CBS broadcast said that under the rules Reed was fully under entitled to relief. After the round the PGA Tour reviewed his actions and cleared him under the rules. What Reed did was not in the spirt and integrity of the game. It is a game where players call penalties on themselves. It just you and your caddy out there. BTW Reed’s caddy is his Brother-in-law which brings the caddy into question as well. He should have told him wait!

As a professional amateur from days gone by I have played with guys that did things that bent the rules. Just little things like how you replace your ball on the green, placing it just enough to take the break out of putt. Things you would not notice if you were not paying attention. The fact of the matter was these guys were very good players, they did not need to do this stuff. Patrick Reed is a top seven player on the tour and has so much talent. He does not have to do this stuff. I am just so confused as to why?

IMO Patrick Reed will have to play himself onto Ryder Cup teams and President Cup teams because it would put too much pressure on a Captain to pick him. If he pulls a stunt in one of these events it could really damage a team. The team dynamic in events like these are so key and guys either consciously or sub consciously may resent his presence if he was a pick.

Those of us who play golf break the rules, but we do so without realizing it and accept the penalties for our indiscretions. If we are in doubt we ask our playing partners for help and come to an agreement. In Reed’s case these guys are playing for millions of dollars and doesn’t ask for assistance. I don’t get it.

I respect Reed’s golf game, but somehow I think Reed does not respect the game of golf.

The Golf God’s giveth and they taketh away. Remember that Patrick.

Until next time.

Be well safe safe.

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