How Good Is Your Cheeseburger?

I was listening to a podcast by Dr. Bhrett McCabe and he brought up an interesting analogy. He said if a restaurant could not make a good cheeseburger then how good would the Chicken Caesar wrap be? A cheeseburger is simple, all it requires is attention to detail. If they can not make a good cheeseburger, then they are mailing it in.

Tonight, and tomorrow night are important to NHL teams as they map out their futures from a draft that that is very deep. What is ironic is that NHL scouts spend so much time on the road I am sure they have eaten their share of cheeseburgers. Watching a hockey game is very simple, and for the most part any hockey fan can pick out the best players on the ice. What makes a good scout is they are detail oriented. They may look at when a player scores, what was the score, where did they score from, and how good was their opponent. They may look at his body language after they make an error. Does he pout and slam his stick? Does he give the Darth Vader death stare to a teammate passing on the blame? These are just some of the things good scouts pick up on.

I have the privilege of knowing two scouts. One at the amateur level and another at the professional level. I have on occasion been asked to go with my friend who scouts amateur hockey. Believe it or not he wants my opinion on a certain player. I guess he wants to know if I can find a good cheeseburger. I like cheeseburgers, but I do not order them at every restaurant I go to. Just like scouts they may not like every player in the game, but the good scouts can spot a great cheeseburger.

So tonight, when the draft is on and a player’s name is called, I will wonder if the scouting staff knows a good cheeseburger or not?

 In some cases, they may have to wait a few years, in rare cases (no pun intended) it could be for immediate consumption.

Until next time!

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