The Renovator

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so we can live the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell.

When I heard those words for the first time they really hit home.

At my golf course our BOD has decided to build a practice complex that resembles a modern condo complex in a Victorian neighbourhood. The golf course renovator who we have retained for the 12 years has petulance for cutting down trees. I was part of the greens committee when this was happening, and his logic was solid for the most part. The course looked less like a forest and brought in the wind to defend par. It appeared that he was attempting to bring back the property to its original state. In 2019 I was asked to leave the committee. The reason was political. Enough said.

So, The Renovator comes in removes trees so the range can be extended, and a teaching complex can be built. He took down trees that were healthy and could have been incorporated into the design. Golf course renovators were supposed to be sensitive to the environment, guess he missed that class. His path of destruction will impact the wildlife that we had and with the city moving closer and closer to the club, wildlife maybe a thing of the past. Wonder if The Renovator and the BOD got an environmental study done? Probably not!

I understand change is inevitable. Change needs to be thought out and not impulsive. This was neither. The BOD did a great job in selling it to the membership, a membership that had the distraction of CV-19. Politically, it was masterful. They took the renovation and other items packaged them together and took it to the membership for a vote. You do not take things to a vote unless the votes are already in pocket. Like I said Politically Masterful.

Last week I came back to play after being away for two months. The Renovator kicked me in the nuts with steel toed boots. He ripped the soul out of me.What I saw can only be described as heart breaking. I had trouble sleeping because I was so disappointed in myself that I let this happen. Was I the only member feeling this way? Or are their others.We will have to wait a few years especially when it come time to pay the bills.

If something good has come from this is that I need to make smarter decisions when I do not have all the facts. Look for what is not being told and how do I find it. Our BOD only told us what they wanted us to know. BTW once the vote passed (95% in favor) trucks were moving earth 12 hours later and the Renovator was off and running. As I said politically masterful.

The Renovator has moved onto his next project leaving us to deal with his handy work. The range maybe open by June 2021 and I am sure the Club will have a ceremony to commemorate it. This will be an event to further solidify the decision they made is the correct one.  There were more outcomes that should have examined but were dismissed.  

I am moving on from the Renovator and refocusing from what I had planned in my mind for a classic golf course. That environment is gone. I was becoming toxic, bitter, and at times a poor role model, golf companion, and friend. The Renovator was not going to win.

 I believe there is something great waiting for me, now is the time to go and find it.

 Until next time.

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