Today, I am one week away from turning 65. In seven days, I will officially become a senior citizen. Hard to believe, it seemed like yesterday I graduated high school. I certainly have the hair line of someone who is 65, but other than that I am good shape. Four years removed from a health incident I am still walking on the right side of the green grass. My two kids are starting to find their way in the world; my Wife is still going 100 kilometers an hour and does not look like she will be slowing down anytime soon.

During my health incident I began to read and write about things in the world of sports and how closely aligned they are to life. I am stilling reading and learning about the human condition. I have become a much better coach, husband, athlete and father. I try to pass on the learning’s to my children, when I am asked and occasionally slide something in when I feel they need to hear something.

Some of you may have read my articles on the Senior Coaching Chronicles, when my good friend and I took over a competitive hockey team where the age difference between us and them was 50 years. In 33 days we transformed this damaged group of young adults into a team. The Head Coach who has been at this for over 45 years connected so well with the young men, he spoke hockey. As for me I did a pretty good job as well. We left a lot on the table, but we also brought a lot to that table. I saw things that I have never saw before, but now I knew the reason why. That was very cool!

For years I was a competitive golfer and had some successes. I was short on talent but had a reasonable amount of intellect for the game which carried me a long way. I really stopped competing in 2014, but continued to represent my Club in events until 2017. I knew I was done when I defeated my opponents 7 and 6, 6 and 5, and 6 and 5. The work I had been doing mentally for almost 18 months paid off. I remember making a 3-footer to close out the matches and knowing I was done. I also knew that I had more work to do on myself on and off the golf courser and that really excited me.

I play once a week with my good friend, which is a blast. I play with a different scorecard than I had 10 years ago. I test ideas that I have come up with. Putting with a sand wedge for a few holes. Putting with one hand for a few more and working on tactics to try beating the golf course. Is this what the mind of a 65-year-old is supposed to do? I hope not because I still got a whole lot things that I would like to figure out.

A few years back I was on the putting green at my club, when we still had one chatting with a group of younger players. I said that someone will shoot 54 in the next 5-7 years in a pro event. They laughed at me. No way. Players have already gone as low as 58 and that is only 4 putts away from 54 so it is in the ball park.

So one of the benefits of turning 65 is that I now get a chance of trying to shoot my age.  65 is a low number to shoot at any point in your golfing life, but when you are playing once a week it is a tall order. I now have something to strive for, but I need to put in the time to make it happen. However, shooting 65, when you are 65 would be very cool. Maybe I could go for the cycle, 65 when 65, and 66 when 66 etcetera etcetera.

All I know is that my life up to this point has been very good. Sure, I had some bumps along the way and hit a pot hole or 10, but I have managed to get myself to the finish line with the help of a lot people and they know who they are. So, with that mind here’s to the next part of my life and getting after it.

Until next time.

Happy Birthday to me!

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