Mother’s Day is a couple days away and I would be remiss if I did not do a post. It has been 56 days since I have seen my Mom. She has been in lock down at her residence due to CV-19. So far no outbreak. My Brother, Sister, and I try to call every day, but her hearing is pretty much gone. Sometimes the universe aligns and she picks up the phone and we speak. The conversations are not like they were eight weeks ago. They are a rollercoaster of thoughts from decades past. Never the less, I am speaking to my Mom and grateful for that.

My Mom was a depression kid from an Irish Catholic family. My Mother and Father wanted to make sure that their kids had a better life than they did.  You go to work, do your job better than anyone, don’t be an ass kisser and you will do fine. For the most part they were right. She had a way of putting those who thought they were better than her in their place with a quick reminder of where they came from and a look that would make Darth Vader tremble. The force was definitely with her.

As I got older I found things out about our family that did not make sense when I was younger, now make sense.  Lots of family shit to deal with while raising three kids, holding down a job and having your Mother-Law live with you. Other than that, not much goes on.

We always wanted her to write a book on our family history because she had a memory that was HOF. She was a librarian by profession, but never had the education to get the accreditation. The depression took that away from her. She could tell you where things were, on what shelf and how far in. She was a walking, talking Dewy Decimal System. She always loved school and wanted to go to University, instead she got grade nine. She trained University educated Librarians on the way things really worked and watched them move up the food chain. Some even took credit for her work, but she would remind them in her own way of who taught them.

Always so proud of her children and Grandchildren .It was embarrassing as she would slide in the family accomplishments. Telling anyone around her that her Grandchildren are teachers, business owners, TV reporters, law enforcement, and budding financial guru. Not bad for a grade nine education she would say.

That brilliant mind is beginning to leave us and it is not easy to watch. What it has taught me is to use my mind every day. Exercise it. Stretch it. The aging process is cruel, but if we take care of our mind, we can flip the bird at it at least for a while.

By the way she did that with her Grandson and I got the picture!

Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Love you.

Until next time.

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