So here it is May 1st, 2020 and CV-19 is still shaking our foundations. If you think about when a foundation gets shaken you go back and check for damage. The events of 9-11 the world changed, and CV-19 the world has changed once again.

Social Distancing is now being practiced. For years we were told to not to get into someone’s intimate and personal space. Social Distancing is basically respecting that idea and taking a step or two backward. Kind of ironic taking two steps backwards so we can go forward. Being asked to wash our hands on a regular basis and how we sneeze is front and centre of our daily hygiene foundation. It shouldn’t be, but I am really surprised from what I have seen over the years in my job that we haven’t got sicker sooner. Maybe, that is one of the silver linings from this.

What damage has been done to our emotional, spiritual, and financial foundations remains to be seen. I know the high anxiety levels are with many people in our society, but maybe this is a wake-up call to get our lives back on track. Personally, I have used this time for a lot of professional and physical development. It is a foundation that I was beginning to neglect, but have now got it back. I have spoke with my children explaining to them to plan for the unexpected and have the financial resources at your disposal. Just start with a few bricks and a little mortar and the foundation will begin to develop.

I guess the point of all this is that during this time our foundation gets shaken and we need to find ways to get stronger, be better, and value what we have, like quality friends and family to name a few.

Our legacy is not about what we leave behind, our legacy what we learned.

Until Next time!

Be well, be safe.

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