Little Bit of Reflection

This is something that I have only done in my head before, but I decided it was time to actually write it down. After all, I have been writing this blog for a full year now.

The questions come from Sherri Coale, who is the Oklahoma University Women’s Basketball coach. Really smart Coach. Changed the wording a little for golf.

What are three things that you absolutely know for sure when you play golf

First, the game is not fair. Secondly, once the ball leaves the club face there nothing that I can do about it, no matter how much talking we do. Third, I will learn something. Could be about golf, people or current events. I always take something away.

  • What are my non-negotiables as a player?

Maximum effort physically and mentally. I may only be at 75%, but I give 100% of the 75% that I have. Be respectful of those I am playing with, the golf course, and the game.

  • Who or What keeps you in your lane?

I would have say my pursuit to be better. I read material by Jim Loehr, Brett McCabe, Pia Nilsson, David Epstein, Wright Thompson, and Carol Dweck. These are writers that have made me think and rethink my life and by extension of my golf game.

  • What is my personal mission statement?

To live my life with character and to treat people with courtesy and respect.

  • What are the three best decisions you have made with your golf game?

First, reading Every Shot Must Have a Purpose. Thanks to our former Head Professional for that.

Second, that golf is something that challenges me and it is alright to fail. It does not mean you are a failure.

Third, understanding that you can adjust your game to increase the competitive factor as you get older.

  • What is my greatest regret as a golfer?

Not having access to the materials and equipment that today’s players have when I was younger. Could have been really fun.

  • How do I stay sharp?

I exercise my mind and my body. I still like to think from 150 yards in, when the heat is on and the weather is not perfect, I can compete. I embrace the opportunity, not fear it.

  • What qualities in other people drive you crazy on the golf course?

Players who disrespect the game, the course, and themselves. Most people who play the game really do not understand it. It is a Chess match played on a huge piece of grass. The course is the Chess board and every move you make has an implication. Most are playing Go Fish.

  • What is my Achilles heel?

Trying to be perfect. It is impossible. Every once in a while I get caught up in that Mindset, but I soon return to my fundamentals and attempt to reach Excellence.

When am I at my best?

My Mind is clear, executing my fundamentals, playing with friends, and competing to the best of my abilities and that day. I still love to compete.

Thanks for a great year.

Until next time!

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