Can We Still be Friends?

The Bill Peters incidences have caused a major shift in the way we view coaches at all levels of hockey. We have always had a love affair with game and that relationship is now being tested as never before. It was also announced that Blackhawks Assistant coach Marc Crawford is also being investigated for conduct unbecoming.

Things just can’t go on like before. The public’s relationship with the game has been broken. Let’s admit mistakes have been made at every level. The National Hockey League, Hockey Canada, and the Canadian Hockey League. FYI Crawford and Peters were both Coaches for Hockey Canada‘s high profile programs. They have skin in the game and should not get a free pass either. We can’t play this game anymore of turning a blind eye to indiscretions that coaches and administrators have made. What’s important here is that all the dirty laundry that has been buried for years is beginning to surface. We are witnessing a transformation from the ice age to the 21st century. Coaches will now be more scrutinized when going through the hiring process. Vetting a potential hire. What a concept. Imagine if the Ottawa Senators hired Marc Crawford as their Coach? This franchise is in such a fragile position that hiring of Crawford would have been a nightmare. I do not know if the fan base could have absorbed such a hit.

As for the governing bodies of hockey it is time for them to take progress moves to make sure that this does not happen again. They are the stewards of the game and now is the time to act like it.

This is a bad break up. It like asking the person in the relationship if we can we still be friends after you break up.

The answer, not immediately, but with time you can become friends again because that what you were when it all started.

Until next time.

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