It’s In All Of Us

The world is divided into learners and non- learners. Pretty powerful statement when you really think about it. If we are to reach our full potential as athletes, Coaches, or as professionals we must change the way we think. In our thinking we must address questions like how can I learn and how I can I be smarter? With that we must go beyond our comfort zone. It is very easy to stay in your comfort zone and do the same stuff over and over and not get really any better. This week I was playing golf with a friend who earlier on in the week played the championship tee’s at our course which measures over 7000 yards. I asked why? He replied “it seemed like a fun thing to do”. I thought to myself, here’s a guy in his mid-60’s going back to a comfort zone he had 30 years ago and manufacturing a score in the mid 80’s. He was not afraid. He pushes fear aside whether he realized it or not. To put himself and his game out there took courage. He took it out of his comfort zone.

The world of sport has a fundamental tendency to be negative. We are surrounded by it. How many athletes really know themselves? Do they know their strengths and weaknesses? Do they know how to use the frustration of the moment to their advantage? Do they understand the environment that they are competing in?

I believe it is this quest for perfection that holds many athletes back. My definition of perfection is probably different from yours. One thing we do have in common is that perfection is unattainable. What we should be striving for is constant learning and improvement. What is your plan for learning and improvement? It is ok to lose to an opponent, but it never ok to lose to fear. If you lose to fear you are defeated before you start. The golf world is amazed by what Brooks Kopeka is accomplishing. He h as taken this mantra to a whole new level. He is not afraid to lose, and has put fear out of his mind. Playing without fear does not mean playing with reckless abandonment. It means playing with an intellect that not many can or will understand.

It all goes back to are you a learner or a non-learner.

All we have to do is make the choice.

Until next time.

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