Chasing Excellence

I think it was the golf commentator Henry Longhurst who once said” His expectations far outweighed his abilities” I think we have all been there as we chased perfection in the game of golf. It took me far too long to figure out that perfection in the game of golf is unattainable. I was the guy with a full-time job, a Wife, and kids who thought he should he should have been performing at a much higher level than he was capable of. I grew up playing golf in an era where swing Coaches did not exist, except in a Scotch bottle, psychology was for people, who were unstable, and working out was something that happened in the parking lot after too many beers on Men’s Night.

As the golf season approaches in the East I have been to my local golf centre to watch people hit golf balls. I know I need to get a life. My observations were that not much has really changed. The ball beaters of the world are alive and well, only with better technology. It wasn’t until about fifteen years ago that I really started to explore the game of golf. Our Golf Professional asked me read books about different subjects and how they tied to the game of golf and athletics. Venturing into to learning about motor skills, eye functions, memory, and my inner voices to name a few. Podcasts have also been a staple of my quest for knowledge. I practice differently, warm up differently, visualize the course differently, and most important handle myself a lot differently. I get good natured ribbing from fellow members and strange looks from the “Power Rangers” that occupy the range.  My time of competing in amateur golf tournaments has long passed, but I have not stopped competing. As Coach Lombardi said” We may never get perfection, but along the way we might find excellence”. I am chasing excellence, but with a much different scorecard than I had 20 years ago. It is what makes athletics fun and challenging. I now have purpose.

 For those who know golf, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.

Until next time!

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