Augusta National Women’s Amateur

Augusta National Golf Club once again makes history this week as it hosts the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur. Augusta National was founded by the most prolific amateur golfer of all time Bob Jones.

For years Augusta National has done business on their own terms and seems to have the gift of impeccable timing. Last year at this time, Augusta Chairman Fred Ridley, who was a fine amateur in his own right announced the creation of this event. It seemed to catch the golfing world off guard. Augusta has always been unique and cutting edge on the way they do things and this tournament is no different. The first 36 holes (April 3 and 4)  will be played at Champions Retreat Golf Club in Augusta Georgia, which has a similar look for Augusta National from the pictures they have released. The field will be reduced to 30 players. There will be an off day April 5th where the entire field will plays a practice round at Augusta National.

The interesting thing to watch will be how Augusta National will be set up. For years will have grown up knowing only one set up and that is for the Masters. Now the viewer will see Augusta National through a totally different lens.  One thing that will not change are the greens. They are the best putting surfaces in the world and these players will have to make sure that they have the ball on the correct side of the hole or it could be a long day.

It is also interesting to note that the final round of the tournament goes up against the LPGA’s third round of their first major of the year. Funny how that worked out. I am also interested in seeing how NBC broadcasts the final round as compared to CBS. Will NBC follow the CBS model or will they do something a little different. Will be fun watch and compare.

Till next time.

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