Develop and Demonstrate

It has been seven uneventful days in Ottawa, and the Eugene Machine appears to have taken a break. We know that this team is broken off the ice and is in need of some major coaching in the boardroom. However, when the team announced that Marc Crawford was going to be the interim Head Coach I rolled my eyes and went back to the Marc Crawford that bounced around the NHL for nearly 17 years. I remember him as a volatile and abrasive Coach who often pissed off his players. That was the style back then. Do what you’re told. End of story.

Over the last week I have seen a different Marc Crawford behind the bench. He is most definitely a lot calmer. He has to be. He is now a Father figure to most of these players and needs to teach these young men the game of hockey and the game of life. He needs to solve their hockey problems without imposing himself on them. We are going to see if he has evolved as Coach. As the new leader every small choice he makes matters and determines the outcome for him and the team. Everything he says and does ends up being a message to this young team.

There is a need in this organization to invest and develop talent. It is the best investment you can make. Make no mistake it is the hockey team that will grow the business of the Ottawa Senators if it showing signs of improvement. So these last 18 games are crucial for the organization. Marc Crawford and staff need to teach each and every day.

Don’t only say your people are your greatest asset. Invest in their development and demonstrate to the hockey world that you mean it. 

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