This Was One Sour Grape

Last night Don Cherry went off on the Carolina Hurricane’s post game celebrations. He said the players were jerks and you do not do stuff like that in the National Hockey League. Well, Don it is 2019, not 1959. The Canes are doing this after the other team as left the ice so they are not showing them up. So put that argument to bed.

What Cherry is missing here is the larger picture. This is part of becoming a team. It is obvious that a lot of planning has to gone into these celebrations. What is interesting that everyone on the Hurricane’s seem to be on board with the idea. The players are creating a bond, and it looks they are having fun doing it. Isn’t that what being a team is about? The last time I looked hockey was a team game and it takes 23 players all pulling in the right direction and if this is what it takes, then good on them. These are men playing a kid’s game and acting like kids. I find it refreshing. I hope they keep on doing it just to piss Cherry off.

Last night Don, you were the jerk…………again.

You owe those players an apology.

Somehow I think that is not going to happen.

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