Miller Leaves Azinger In

Johnny Miller had his final moment in the desert last Saturday . It was easy to see that he was more respected for what he did behind the camera than in front of it. Miller was a player.Some my say for a stretch in the 1970’s he was the best that ever was. He was the King of Cool. He moved and played with confidence. Playing against Jack, Lee, Tom( s) you better be. Miller pissed off a lot of players for some of his comments. Maybe they were pissed because he was right and they knew it. I did not always agree with everything he said or how he said it, but because he lived it , I respected it.

Paul Azinger will do a great job for NBC. He will be opinionated and will challenge the establishment and the players. He is intelligent and well spoken.His POD strategy as Ryder Cup Captain was brilliant.He got the US the 2008 Ryder Cup win when they really needed one. It took the US eight years to win or four Captains to get another. You get the feeling that he ruffled some feathers at the PGA of America, but he got them the results, in a results oriented competition.

We will not get to see Zinger for a few weeks as CBS has its run of golf coverage, but when NBC returns I will be watching to see how he blends into the golf telecast landscape. Fresh opinions are always welcomed in the Vanilla world of golf telecasts.

Until next time.

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