The Oiler’s

As I watched the news conference last week I shook my head in amazement. Bob Nicholson “there’s something in the water” quote was I have no idea whats happening. The reason why they are in the spot they are is due to one thing and one thing only. Leadership!Nicholson is the leader and it begins and ends with him. Everyone in the organization has been looking at him to lead and it is just not happening. Ask the question what is his definition of leadership? Everyone has a different idea of what leadership is and what a leader should do. As Lolly Daskel Executive Leadership Coach says”you need to know who you are as you lead. You can not give to others what you do not have yourself”. The best move the Oiler’s can make is first off the ice. As it stands, they do not have an off ice foundation and the house is sinking.They need a new foundation and not repair the existing one. Naturally, the on ice product gets the most attention, but it reflects what is going on above them.Today’s player’s are very aware and they need to see that honest and meaningful efforts are being made to improve.

Do the Oiler’s need a Coach? Not on the ice, but they certainly do off the ice. Daryl Katz, the owner needs to take a hard and honest look at his off ice product before he can improve his on ice product. Who ever he decides to lead his hockey team, that person better know who they are, because if they do not know, they will fail again.

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